The She Runs: Checkpoint

Volunteering at a race can be just as much fun as running it! by Gruby Barrett In early 2019 my husband, Mark, was volunteering for Repair Café Wales.  Chatting to the organiser, Cerys, he discovered that she was married to a man called Rhys who was running 26 marathons in 26 days and keen forContinue reading “The She Runs: Checkpoint”

Running for Kidney Wales….with a little help from our friends!

The She Runs: Cardiff Summer Relay 03/07/2021 by Myfanwy Thomas What an incredible day we had yesterday. The 3rd virtual relay held by She Runs: Cardiff was all set to be the biggest and best we’d ever had and it didn’t disappoint. Our 2 previous relays have been held exclusively within our group but thisContinue reading “Running for Kidney Wales….with a little help from our friends!”

Our First Litter Pick!

by Gemma Brimble As someone who was brought up knowing that littering was abhorrent, and being passionate about animals and the environment I got super excited when Tanya mentioned a weekend dedicated to litter picking.  I borrowed a litter picker from a friend and I purchased a mini picker for my daughter so that sheContinue reading “Our First Litter Pick!”

The Run Wales Plodcast – the one with She Runs: Cardiff….

by Gemma Brimble, Run Buddy I really got into podcasts the summer of 2019, when I had a long drive to work every morning. My husband had listened to podcasts on and off for a while and made some suggestions for me; I found they helped me actually look forward to my commute instead ofContinue reading “The Run Wales Plodcast – the one with She Runs: Cardiff….”

She Runs: The Year – a 2020 Look-back

by Coleen Manuel As this year draws to a close the general feeling is that people can’t wait to see the back of 2020, and aren’t seeing it as a particular source of good memories.  Like everyone else, the committee and Run Buddies of She Runs: Cardiff are looking ahead to a hopefully better yearContinue reading “She Runs: The Year – a 2020 Look-back”

She Runs Cardiff book club with Lisa Jackson, author of Your Pace Or Mine?

by Cathryn Scott, @cardiffmummy Author Lisa Jackson is a huge inspiration to many of us in She Runs Cardiff. Her book Your Pace Or Mine? What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter and Coming Last is often mentioned by members of our Facebook group as one of the best running books they’ve read, helping themContinue reading “She Runs Cardiff book club with Lisa Jackson, author of Your Pace Or Mine?”

9 of the most Inspirational Quotes from Anna McNuff’s “Pants of Perspective”

by Cathryn Scott The She Runs Cardiff book club met online recently for our fifth meeting, this time discussing The Pants of Perspective by Anna McNuff. Anna is an adventurer, motivational speaker and author – and a huge inspiration to many of our members who love following her on Instagram, listening to the interviews she’sContinue reading “9 of the most Inspirational Quotes from Anna McNuff’s “Pants of Perspective””

She Runs: Cardiff Birthday Challenge

by Tanya O’Neill October 2020 was always going to be a magical month; it would be the first anniversary of She Runs: Cardiff and we knew we needed to celebrate this in a huge style.  The idea of a medal came early on in the year, we sourced a great supplier and our amazing RunContinue reading “She Runs: Cardiff Birthday Challenge”


by Kate Morgan, Run Buddy for SRC 365 days ago a group of runners, passionate about creating an inclusive, supportive and bilingual women’s run club in Cardiff sat around a table to see if their vision could be realised. A year later, we are thrilled and delighted to be celebrating the first anniversary of SheContinue reading “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SHE RUNS : CARDIFF!”