She Runs: Cardiff are Back!

Over a Zoom call last night, the final preparations for our return to group runs were made! Behind the scenes over the past few weeks our Run Buddies and LiRFs (Leader in Running Fitness) have been very busy doing reconnaissance runs and risk assessments on various locations around Cardiff.

From this Sunday, 9th May, we will be holding runs in 5 of the 7 locations we have been risk assessing. Each run will be for a maximum of 13 runners, to include 1 qualified LiRF and 1 Support Run Buddy. Covid guidelines will be strictly adhered to and every runner will be required to book in advance online and complete our Covid survey before attending each run. We hope, if demand dictates and Leader/Buddy availability allows, to provide more runs as time goes by. 

Given the limited number of spaces available, we have agreed to request that everyone books a maximum of one run per week at the present time.💜 We are so very excited to be able to run together again after so long and we’re looking forward to seeing you all!💜

Keep your eye on our Facebook Group on Wednesday evening for information on how to book onto Sunday’s run. Meanwhile, here’s a little taster of the routes we have been recce-ing in preparation…

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