Run Buddies/ Bydis Rhedeg

What is She Runs: Cardiff all about?

Lots of new women have joined our group over the past few months, and some of you may have not made it to a social run before lockdown; so for any newcomers here is a little bit of background to who we are!

In September 2019 a group of 30+ women who share a love for running decided it was a passion to be shared with others. Too many women have barriers to running and exercise in general and we wanted to help! We came up with a name, a logo and a meeting place & off we all went. Our first official run was on the 13th of October 2019. 

We wanted to offer something different to other running clubs. Our club is a social running group; we are not interested in pace, speed, time or even distance, we are into sharing the joy of running.

We came up with the name Run Buddy to describe our supportive role. For every social run we have a lead Run Buddy to support those at the front, Run Buddies in the middle to make sure no one is on their own and a tail Run Buddy for those partying at the back.

Collectively we want to encourage women to run, to find some time for themselves make friends, and most of all realise that anybody can be a runner.

Since the beginning of lockdown we have not been able to meet for our social runs but we continue to be available online to help keep you motivated.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns we are all here to help!

Thank you for joining She Runs : Cardiff and whilst we are physically apart, socially we are closer than ever 

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