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What is She Runs: Cardiff all about?

In September 2019 a group of 30+ women who share a love for running decided it was a passion to be shared with others. Too many women have barriers to running and exercise in general and we wanted to help! We came up with a name, a logo and a meeting place & off we all went. Our first official run was on the 13th of October 2019. 

We wanted to offer something different to other running clubs. Our club is a social running group; we are not interested in pace, speed, time or even distance, we are into sharing the joy of running.

We came up with the name Run Buddy to describe our supportive role. For every social run we have a lead Run Buddy to support those at the front, Run Buddies in the middle to make sure no one is on their own and a tail Run Buddy for those partying at the back.

Collectively we want to encourage women to run, to find some time for themselves make friends, and most of all realise that anybody can be a runner.

Since the beginning of lockdown we have not been able to meet for our social runs but we continue to support you online to help keep you motivated.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns we are all here to help!

Thank you for joining She Runs : Cardiff and whilst we are physically apart, socially we are closer than ever.

Meet our Run Buddies:


Originally from Barry but moved to Cardiff 14 years ago. Mum to 19 year old Josh who has learning difficulties & other complex needs and 11 year old BOGOF twins Mason and Phoebe – Phoebe is also a runner and part of Cardiff Athletics. I’m a spin instructor and boxing coach and along with my husband we run an Amateur Boxing Club in Fairwater. I was in the middle of doing a fitness instructor course to progress onto a strength and conditioning qualification before Covid struck. I’ve been a runner for approx 9 years and its the only training I find ‘hard’ but it gives me the most satisfaction, self achievement and mental boost I need as I suffer from depression and anxiety and I need those endorphins! Finishing a run, whether it be short, long, intervals or sprints does something special to me which, if I could bottle and sell, would make me a very rich lady! Biggest running achievement was completing the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2018 as I’d previously had 2 DNS due to anxiety. I often use the frase ‘if I can do a half marathon, anyone can’ Oh, I’m also writing a book!


I was given a bracelet for Christmas that says ‘A Runner with Rhythm’ on it – I think it sums me up perfectly.

I’m married with 4 children, one of whom is autistic and 2 of which have already grown up and left home.
When not running or being mum I visit primary schools to teach children to play flute, clarinet, saxophone and piano. 
In any spare time I can be found crafting toys and gifts by knitting, crocheting and embroidering. 

I started running in May 2019 after deferring a London Marathon place to 2020 (hubby entered us on a whim, I got a place but he didn’t). Now running is just a part of who I am. I found my happy place in running and then found She Runs which made it even happier. 
I run for time alone, 
I run for times with friends. 
I run because I still have a marathon to do! 


Qualified LiRF

I live in the Rhondda. I started running in March 2018 with the NHS Couch to 5k app and my love of running grew from there! Of course I wish I’d started when I was younger but better late than never! I can’t imagine life without running now, I work in adult social services and running really helps support my mental well-being. Running is a family affair – my daughters Gemma and Zoe are both run buddies with She Runs. We also have a shared love of funky leggings and usually try and match when we run. Outside of work and running, I love reading (and really enjoy the She Runs book club), gin and chocolate. 


Qualified LiRF.

Also known as WoWo. Working as a junior doctor in emergency medicine. She Runs for me is not just about running, community and friendship but also family! My big sister Gem and my Mum, Beth are both also Run Buddies. I live in the Rhondda with my wonderful mum and step dad and my cat, Bella. I started running nearly 3 years ago and haven’t looked back! Did my first half marathon in Cardiff in 2019 and now training for my first ultra marathon. Lover of gin, crime dramas and the seaside.


Welsh Speaker

I’m so excited to be a run buddy!
I live in Caerphilly with my fiancé Sam and whippet Sonic and I work full time as a community pharmacist. 
I’ve been running in my spare time to keep fit and for my mental well-being since I was a teenager. In my second year of university I decided to sign up to Cardiff Half Marathon and I’ve never looked back. Since then I’ve ran over 50 parkruns, 10 half marathons and lots of 10k races. I’m hoping 2021 will be the year I run a marathon and ultra!
I love whippets, cheese and colourful leggings. 


I am married with 3 children, Benjamin (29), Elin (25) and Lottie (19). I manage a small team of speech and language therapists who work with children with disabilities. I am passionate about wildlife and enjoy crafts.

I started running 5 years ago when I finally admitted it was time to get fitter.  Running from my front door seemed like an easy win so I downloaded Couch 2 5K and set off in an old pair of trainers. It wasn’t easy, but after a year or so I realised that running made my troubles somehow seem more manageable. I was not just physically but also emotionally stronger. I love the freedom of  running outdoors and exploring new routes through the fabulous parks in Cardiff. I joined SheRuns Cardiff in October 2019, initially running with the group and since the first lockdown enjoying the challenges and camaraderie on social media.   I am so proud contribute to such a positive and supportive group.


I am a native Cardiffian and busy mum of two who spends my time running away from them as much as possible! I have run off and on for most of my life but the habitat properly formed about 4 years ago. My favourite type of run is through the woods with the purple crew. I’m also a Biology lecturer and enjoy reading, cooking and getting sand between my toes.


I live in the Heath with my husband and 3 children. I’m a physiotherapist and love running for the headspace it gives me. I started running whilst on holiday in France in 2016 inspired by my husband who was training for the Cardiff Half at the time. Having run a few 10K races, I completed the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2019, which was an incredible achievement for me. I love being part of the she runs family and supporting other women in their running. 


I’m originally from Reading but came here for Uni and stayed. I now live in Rhiwbina. 

I started running regularly over 10 years ago but wasn’t able to run much between having my children. I was then determined to get back into it after my second child to get some ‘me time’. Running is my stress buster especially useful whilst working in the NHS (as a physio) during a pandemic and juggling family life. I usually run somewhere between 3- 7 days a week depending on what challenge I am doing that month! My favourite race is a half marathon but I have completed one marathon so far and will hopefully do more in the future. 

I enjoy running alone or with my hubby when we can but I find my involvement in SR:C helps to inspire and motivate me too on my running journey. It also gives me the chance to support others especially if it involves a chat, coffee and treat afterwards! 


Fluent Welsh Speaker

After growing up in Ceredigion I moved to Cardiff over 20 years ago to study Genetics, which then turned into a PhD. I have never left! I now live in the Heath with my husband and our 2 young boys. 
I work as a Quality Assurance Lead for Cytiva, where we manufacture products that have been used in the development of COVID tests and the new vaccines. 
Running is not my first love when it comes to exercise. I play hockey for Whitchurch and have represented Wales at O35 level in the European Masters Championships. I was due to play for the O40s in the Home Nations and World Cup in 2020 until the pandemic put paid to all team sports!! Here’s hoping we can play again in 2022! 
However, I can safely say I am now converted to running for enjoyment, as opposed to being a means to an end. Running has been a godsend to bring stability and routine into my life, as well as expanding my circle of friends, some of whom I’ve never physically met! I love hearing your stories on social media, and I am known to reply with a silly meme!!
As I don’t have hockey keeping me busy I hope to train for either a marathon or ultra this year. An event with walking and cake with a bit of running sounds ideal!


I live in Whitchurch, have two teenage boys and work within education, part time with Cardiff Universities Library service and independently with Usborne Children’s books. 
I started running when I decided for my 50th birthday year of challenges I was going to run the Cardiff Half Marathon! Having a running buddy to share the experience with meant I was accountable and together we encouraged ourselves to achieve something I never really thought I could achieve. 
This year will be the third time I run it!!! 
When we are able to run together you’ll find me with the ‘party at the back’ enjoying a slow, steady, sociable pace with others. I love the support network, the joy of seeing others succeed and the fantastic women I meet. 


I’m originally from Cheltenham and moved to Wales for uni back in 1999. I now live in Danescourt with my husband, 5 year old and my lockdown baby.

I started my running journey about 6 years ago pre babies but haven’t managed to keep it up during pregnancy. I’m now half way through Couch to 5k and have signed up to do the Cardiff half in October. I run for the headspace and for a bit of escapism. I love running with people and signed up to be a Buddy to help others on their running journeys. You’ll find me trotting up and down the Taff Trail and around Hailey Park so shout if you fancy a Buddy run when we can meet again!


I am Roath Park girl born and bred and I live with my partner Glenn and two daughters Meg age 24 and Mia age 14.

I am been a Slimming World Consultant for 4 years and run 2 local groups. Before that I worked in Cardiff Council Leisure Dept for 22years before taking voluntary redundancy. 

I joined SR:C on their first ever run in Oct 2019 after deciding I wanted to attempt to run a half marathon before my 50th Birthday in March 21!!! I have now run 3 half marathon distances and I try to run 4 times a week and I love being part of the SR:C team. 


Fluent Welsh Speaker

Born & bred in the Diff, although lived in London for 10 years before settling back here in 2016. Live with my husband and 2 daughters, who love to run with me weekly – not the husband though! I’m a cook, food writer and a broadcaster and I’m also studying to be a registered dietitian – and my 1st language is Welsh!
Been running since I was 15 – over 20 years of plodding the streets & trails of wherever I lived. Starting running as I actually enjoyed cross country at high school, even though I was often last – but we had amazing PE teachers who were very supportive and so it spurred me on to run more.
Completed my first marathon in 2006 London and have run 7 to date, as well as countless 5k, 10k and half marathons. I ran a 100k ultra in 2018 and have also been known to do some random races like Man v Horse and a 24hr relay!?
Running has been a constant in my life – I love the solitude it brings and an escape to my thoughts. I continue to push myself and would love to do more ultras soon!


I’ve always lived in Cardiff, I spent the the first half of my life growing up in the Heath area, but currently live in Rumney with my husband and four children. The latest of which was born just after lockdown commenced. I’m a nurse and work in the local hospital, but currently off on maternity leave. When in work I’m often seen running the local parkruns post night shift. 

I started the Couch to 5k at the start of September 2017 to help me get some much needed me time and headspace whilst dealing with delayed Post Natal Depression and to also help get me fitter/healthier. Since then I’ve continued to run, taking part in many races up to half distance and even managed to run/walk/waddle through pregnancy until my body said enough.

I enjoy running on my own but also really love the social aspect of running and all the new people I’ve come to meet through a shared passion. My favourite part of this is supporting and encouraging others in their own running journeys.

For info on our Committee Run Buddies who perform various roles to run the group click here – She Runs: Committee

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