She Runs… the 30-mile Heartlands of Wales Ultra Marathon, The HOWUM

Huge congratulations to our 29 She Runners who completed the Heartlands of Wales Ultramarathon on Saturday 6 May.  The HOWUM, as it is known, is a 30 mile off-road event, starting in Llanidloes. It takes in four beautiful trails – the Sarn, Glyndwr’s Way, Severn Way and Wye Valley Walk, with landmarks along the way includingContinue reading “She Runs… the 30-mile Heartlands of Wales Ultra Marathon, The HOWUM”

Birthday Challenge Take 2…

How I finally ran the whole length of The Taff Trail by Fiona Gagg She Runs: Cardiff 2nd Birthday Challenge – The Taff Trail In Autumn 2020, She Runs: Cardiff announced their first birthday medal challenge.  I read everyone’s amazing ideas for their challenges but was stuck for what I should do.  I really wantedContinue reading “Birthday Challenge Take 2…”

The She Runs: Checkpoint

Volunteering at a race can be just as much fun as running it! by Gruby Barrett In early 2019 my husband, Mark, was volunteering for Repair Café Wales.  Chatting to the organiser, Cerys, he discovered that she was married to a man called Rhys who was running 26 marathons in 26 days and keen forContinue reading “The She Runs: Checkpoint”

She Runs: The Year – a 2020 Look-back

by Coleen Manuel As this year draws to a close the general feeling is that people can’t wait to see the back of 2020, and aren’t seeing it as a particular source of good memories.  Like everyone else, the committee and Run Buddies of She Runs: Cardiff are looking ahead to a hopefully better yearContinue reading “She Runs: The Year – a 2020 Look-back”