Happy Birthday She Runs: Cardiff!

On the 13th October 2021 She Runs: Cardiff turned 2 years old! It’s hard to believe it’s only been two years as such a lot has happened and we have achieved so much as a club. Here two of our Run Buddies, Gemma and Nia, take a look back on our two years and what She Runs: Cardiff means to them.

My Purple People
by Gemma Brimble

2 years ago myself and group of like minded ladies decided we wanted to create a safe space for women who run with no joining fees, no expectations of speed or distance and of no judgement; so She Runs Cardiff was born. 

I’ve made some incredible friends through this group and even 2 years on my purple people continue to amaze me. 

I posted a photo when I was dreading one of my marathon training runs after a bad injury and a tight timescale to get my miles up and logging back onto facebook to post that I made it I was absolutely blown away by dozens and dozens of comments from ladies at all stages of their running journey’s cheering me on. A couple of months on I don’t remember a single detail of that run – where I went or how long it took me but that feeling of friendship and love that overwhelmed me after I got home that day will stay with me forever.

I am not the only lucky one though, we celebrate all of each other’s achievements and we are there for each other through illness, injury and other life tribulations in a way that I have never experienced before. 

She Runs Cardiff has transformed over the past 2 years from a running club to a running community and I am so proud every day of what we have managed to achieve.

My Tribe
by Nia Williams

I always wanted to be part of something big; to be part of a community that was real and true. To be somewhere where I felt I belonged and could be authentically me. I used to see running clubs at races and look at them with envy, seeing the colourful shirts, the camaraderie and thinking they look so professional, I would never fit in there.

But then we did something special. A group of like minded women from all different backgrounds, in all different stages of life created She Runs Cardiff. A club for women, created by women; and at last I found a place where I truly felt like I belonged.

When we created the idea of She Runs Cardiff two years ago, we didn’t know what it would turn into.
We created our brand and our name which means so much to us: She Runs.
She Runs covers so much. She Runs a mile, She Runs 5k, She Runs 10k, She Runs Half Marathons, She Runs Marathons, She Runs Ultra Marathons She Runs every Day, She Runs Trails, But, in its purest form, SHE RUNS.

We created our ethos: Run and your pace and no one ever gets left behind. A party at the back so that every runner is included and supported.

We defined our Colour: Purple. A strong and bold colour that suits everyone.

We created our strapline: For the love of running – and this is so true, we either have, or ultimately find the love of running and the benefits it brings to our lives and our wellbeing.

And when we launched it was so wonderful to see the community start, and develop and grow. All of these hopes and dreams I had previously had, were coming true. I had found somewhere that I belonged. I had found a group of like-minded women that I would meet every week and go for a run. And it wasn’t just me, the group was growing and other women were getting the same feeling as me. We were making new friends – something which is notoriously difficult once you get older. 

Then the C word happened – I won’t mention it as it has been mentioned too much. But this is when the community really pulled together and provided outstanding support, and that is what you always hope a community will be. A community can be defined as “A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals” and we all showed the power of a community when we supported each other through the dark and frightening and lonely days of isolation.
There are so many ways that I am grateful for She Runs: Cardiff and the positive impact it has had on my life.

I now have a tribe – each and every one of you are part of the tribe. I want you all to know that I am honoured to be in this tribe and I am eternally grateful for you. Attending the regular runs is amazing, but my word, the feeling of the tribe comes out in force at a race. Seeing a sea of purple, sharing that nervous excitement with others, high fives and hugs at the finish line – this is my tribe 🙂

I have a tribe who shares my highs and lows. A tribe that will celebrate my successes and pick me up from the lows. I have genuine friends who would do anything for me and me for them – my tribe. I am inspired by the Women of this group. To the ladies starting out on your running journey and joining the C25K – you inspire me. Starting out on your running journey is such a nerve wracking and exciting time – please know that She Runs: Cardiff will support you and champion you. To those ladies working towards a 10k – you inspire me. Seeing the sea of purple at the Cardiff Bay 10k was phenomenal and the comments on the group were outstanding. To those ladies training for a Half Marathon – do it, do it, do it!! You inspire me and I know that you also inspire others.

To those ladies that are nervous about joining, that are following our journey on Facebook and are unsure of joining – please come and give it a go, I promise we won’t let you down. This isn’t an exclusive club where you need the right gear, to be a certain speed, to look a certain way – this is a club where you feel safe, a club where I hope you feel that you belong, a club that will support you.

Happy birthday She Rus Cardiff – I am so proud of you.

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