Miles for Mind

In May 2020, 45 of our members pledged to run #milesformind with RUNR to raise awareness during mental health awareness month. What a month it turned out to be!
The main focus was to share our own positive stories and experiences in a safe and comfortable environment, whilst virtually supporting each other. Mental health does matter and it’s ok to talk about it. 

Our members set their own individual goal of miles to achieve ranging from 25 – 150 miles, and regardless of the distance the virtual support for each other was there throughout.  There was also the opportunity to encourage the younger generation to run with a kids medal available and many mums took this chance to spend quality time with their kids….Not all of the kids were willing but they did it nonetheless! 

As a team we pledged to run 2950 miles, we actually achieved more than 3600!!! Every single woman committed to the challenge and it was so rewarding being able to see the progress being made throughout the month.

Tanya O’Neill, Run Buddy and Miles for Mind Team Captain.

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